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Dylan Wickliffe Nashville, TN

Your Event Videographer

From a Nashville Native, where each frame I capture tells a story as vibrant and unique as the city itself. Specializing in weddings, corporate events, and family gatherings, videography not only preserves your special moments but does so with an authenticity and artistic flair that sets your memories apart.
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Years in Nashville

Began my creative career

Approximate Hours of Video Work

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Don't just make a video—make a statement.

Capture life's cinematic moments without breaking the bank on top-tier professional videography services. I'm not just about hitting the record button—I'm about weaving your story into a visual masterpiece that resonates and endures. The best part? It's all wrapped up in an affordable package tailored just for you.

Whether you’re launching a product, capturing an event, or simply telling your story, I understand that one size doesn't fit all. 

Here's what you get:

  • Professional-quality cameras, lenses, and editing programs.
  • Dedicated video services for your entire event.
  • Licensed audio for use on social media (custom music available).



Some video projects are more common than others. I offer some pre-packaged services, but the short version is this: If you're doing a thing and want video for it, I'm your guy.


Wedding Videography

Capture the moments of your special day from beginning to end. I'll be with you every step of the way from getting ready, to the ceremony, to moments with your loved ones, and of course the party at the end!



Whether you're launching a new product, services, or even a new business entirely, I can help you tell the stories of your brand, your team, and your customers!

* NOTE: This video is NOT my personal work.  This video was created by my team over at media junction.

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Happy Birthday to You

Some birthdays are more special than others. If you're having a milestone birthday, or if you went all out on a theme or decorations, what better way to capture it forever than with a highlight video?

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Looking for something else? Let's chat.



This journey has been a long-time coming. Here's how it all started.
  1. 2016

    Co-Founded Branding Agency

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    In 2016, a friend of mine and I started a branding agency in Nashville. We helped small businesses tell their story and better represent their brands with visual design, storytelling, and multiple media channels. This is where my passion for visual storytelling was born.

  2. 2018

    We Bought a Camera

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    In 2018, right before we were about to have our first child, my wife and I bought a camera. It was going to be a fun hobby for her to have while she stayed at home taking care of our boy. Fast forward 6 years later, and her business is booming. She's one of the go-to photographers in Middle Tennessee. Carlie's photography business has become a huge inspiration for creatives (like me) to pull up their boots and get started!

  3. 2020

    Joined a Top Web Agency

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    In 2020, I joined one of HubSpot's Top Partners. Media Junction is known across the globe for their website design and development. This is where I learned how to not only CREATE but to implement creative into the real world. 

  4. 2024

    Launched DW Productions

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    Time to put it all together. My time in the branding space with BR and MJ plus my years of watching my wife make peoples' dreams come true.. it just made sense to do this thing. I'm taking my passion for technology, creative, and storytelling to an event near you!

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